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Cold Insulations
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The ANDREADIS company based in Heraklion, Crete undertakes specialized cold insulations, offering high quality services that meet the requirements of demanding cryogenic applications. Cryogenic insulation is a critical parameter for the safety, efficiency and proper operation of facilities facing extreme sub-zero temperatures, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage facilities at minus 163°C.

The specialized teams of ANDREADIS, with a depth of knowledge and experience, undertake the installation of cryogenic insulation adapted to the requirements of the customers. These specially trained professionals are familiar with the challenges associated with cryogenic insulation and have the expertise to successfully implement projects.

ANDREADIS, with teams of specialized professionals, provides its services during the construction, development and maintenance phases of the facilities, ensuring that the cryogenic insulation is applied accurately and reliably. The company understands the importance of proper installation to avoid problems such as icing, corrosion and energy loss.

The company's technicians recognize the importance of skill and precision in the installation of cryogenic insulation, as well as the dangers that can occur in case of improper application. Through their expertise, they ensure facilities remain safe, efficient and operational while minimizing risks to staff.

ANDREADIS is a pioneer in the field of cold insulation, providing specialized solutions that ensure the safety, efficiency and quality of facilities operating under extreme cold temperatures.