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Air Duct Insulation
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The company ANDREADIS, based in Heraklion, Crete, undertakes specialized air duct insulation which is a critical part of optimizing performance and energy efficiency. As air duct insulation is a critical element in limiting thermal losses, our company specializes in advanced techniques and materials that ensure maximum efficiency and durability in this process.

The isolation of the air ducts has a dual role: it offers an excellent reduction of thermal losses, reaching up to 90%, and reduces operating costs through the optimization of energy consumption. Aiming at efficient and sustainable solutions, we offer two options for insulation: flexible materials such as armaflex, and fiberglass or mineral wool with a low density of around 40kg/m³.

To protect and strengthen the insulating layer, we proceed with the coating with a shaped aluminum sheet of 0.6 - 0.8 mm thickness, which is selected according to the cross-section of the conductor for the best performance. Alternatively, 0.6 mm thick galvanized sheet metal can be used, ensuring the flexibility and strength required for the requirements of each project.

At the level of waterproofing, we pay a lot of attention to the joints in the external networks. Proper sealing prevents losses and ensures long-term system performance. For this purpose, we use mastic cord which is placed carefully in the joint groove, ensuring effective waterproofing and preventing any losses.

Based on the values of excellence, innovation and commitment to quality, ANDREADIS is committed to providing high quality air duct insulation services, while contributing to energy efficiency and the development of sustainable solutions for the building sector.