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Industrial Insulation - Hot Insulation - Cold Insulation - Polyurethane Injection Insulation - Duct Insulation - Heraklion


The ANDREADIS BROS company was founded in 2002 by Mr. Andreadis Anastasios, and since then it has played a leading role in the field of manufacturing gutters and related accessories. With a focused approach to quality, innovation and dedication to customer service, ANDREADIS BROS has emerged as a reference company in its industry.

Initially, the company focused on the manufacture of gutters of various types and components, undertaking a variety of projects covering various needs. With the passage of time and constant contact with the industrial sector, the company expanded into the field of industrial insulation, responding to various requirements and specifications.

The craftsmanship and technical training of the staff are the foundations of the company's success. The continuous training and updating of its staff, combined with the upgrading of mechanical equipment, results in the development and evolution of the company, making it one of the most dynamic factors in the sector.

With two sales points in Heraklion, Crete and Ptolemaida, the company provides a wide range of services to customers throughout the territory. Its many years of experience, combined with the pursuit of excellence, promptness in service and competitive prices, demonstrate its commitment to offer high quality services.


At the heart of the company's philosophy is the offer of integrated solutions to its customers. These start from the provision of consulting services and the study of their needs, and reach the implementation of reliable and permanent solutions. The company is committed to respond with professionalism and precision to the most demanding needs of its customers.

Overall, ANDREADIS BROS represents a real success in the field of gutter construction and industrial insulation. With its roots in quality, technology and innovation, it continues to offer specialized services that meet the growing needs of the market.