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Warm Insulations
ANDREADIS BROS - Industrial Insulation - Cold Insulation - Polyurethane Injection Insulation - Duct Insulation - Heraklion


The ANDREADIS company, based in Heraklion, Crete, specializes in thermal insulation and offers high-quality services in thermal insulation analyzes that have proven effective in reducing energy consumption. Aiming to improve energy efficiency and protect the environment, the company offers insulation material solutions designed to provide effective resistance to heat transfer.

The selection of insulating materials offered by ANDREADIS is among the most extensive on the market. These materials are designed to ensure an effective thermal insulation, resulting in a reduction of the energy needs of buildings and industrial processes. In this way, not only the reduction of operating costs is achieved, but also environmental sustainability.

Especially in industrial environments, where high temperatures are common due to the processes taking place, thermal insulation becomes even more important. ANDREADIS undertakes the installation of the necessary insulating materials to reduce heat transfer from piping and equipment. This protects personnel from extreme temperatures and ensures process stability.

In addition, the installation of heat-insulating materials contributes to the conservation of energy and the interruption of heat losses, resulting in the improvement of the efficiency of industrial processes. With its know-how and experience, ANDREADIS undertakes to adapt the appropriate solutions to the needs of each customer, offering complete and effective thermal insulation solutions.

In summary, the ANDREADIS company in Heraklion, Crete undertakes specialized thermal insulations aimed at reducing energy consumption and improving the performance of industrial processes. Oriented towards environmental sustainability and efficiency, it offers customized solutions that adapt to the needs of each customer.